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Remember the post where I talked about the sale Blogelina is having on their online blogging course? No? Well check it out here.

Today is the last day for the sale! So go sign up. Remember you get:

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Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is here, the unofficial end of summer. Hopefully you have off all weekend! Even if you don’t, make sure you get out and enjoy this weekend to the fullest. I have a few ideas for whoever doesn’t have a plan. Try to find a party somewhere, leave your phone on airplane mode (so you can take pics & video without being bothered) and spend some time with the ones you enjoy being around. Have a day for friends and have a day for family.

This is the LAST weekend that public pools and beaches are gonna be open! Get your last bit of tan while you can! Indoor tanning and fake-bakes will never compare to a genuine tan spent from being outside all day. It’s good to get some fresh air too. Need to know where the nearest park or beach is? Check out the NYC Parks & Recreation site for beaches and parks. They list all the hours, rules, etc.

Wanna enjoy some music?
Saturday: West Coast Swing from 6PM to 9PM
Join West Coast Swing enthusiasts in West Harlem Piers Park to dance and get a free lesson from 7 pm – 7:45 pm.
125th St. Pier, Manhattan

Sunday: Harlem Meer Performance Festival 2013 from 2PM to 4PM
Enjoy a performance from Ballet Hispanico’s BHdos Company
Dana Discovery Center in Central Park, 110th Street between 5th and Lenox Aves, Manhattan

Monday: Bryant Park Piano from 12:30PM to 2:30PM
Enjoy a performance from Armen Donelian
Upper Terrace in Bryant Park, Manhattan

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

So here’s to all the hard-workers out there! Go to the bar, the club, the park, the beach, wherever you wanna go and enjoy this weekend as a celebration of all the hard work you do all year long.

Want to learn about more free NYC events? Go to the NYC Parks website. Want to learn about the history of Labor Day? Check out the Department of Labor’s website. Now get off the internet and enjoy!

Forever 21 Labor Day Sale

Forever 21 Labor Day SaleI love a good sale, don’t you? Especially if you get a discount on top of another discount! So check out Forever 21’s Labor Day Sale. You get an extra 50% off already reduced items.

Expires: September 2, 2013, 11:59 PST
Fine Print: Only valid on previously marked down items. Eligible items are marked with an “”EXTRA 50% OFF”” tag. Not valid in conjunction with Daily Deals, Flash Deals, other promotions, offers, or regular priced items. Items are final sale and non-returnable or exchangeable.

Here are some of my favorite items from the sale:

Forever 21 Sale Faves

          Forever 21 shirt top / Top / Skirt / Skirt / Shoes / Pumps

Blogelina Blogging Class Sale!

4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class - For A Limited Time Only $5!

Have you always been interested in blogging? Are you a blogger and want to learn how to make money with your blog? I sound like an infomercial lol. But seriously if you ARE interested in blogging and earning money from your blog then I highly recommend signing up for the Blogging Class over at Blogelina. The course is a 4 week online course.

Here’s what you get:

  • 60 Page Class Manual
  • 4 Weeks of Online Class Sessions with Personalized Feedback
  • Free Year of Web Hosting
  • Ability to Network with Other Bloggers

I mean, a free year of hosting is worth taking the class! What harm can it do? Classes run every Tuesday during the month from 8-9PM. There’s even a guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your classes 100% then you are free to walk away and you’ll be able to keep your money, class manual, and year of hosting! If you can’t make the regular scheduled time, then you can always read the follow-up notes and class presentation in your email the next day.

Sign up today for only $5! The sale ends August 31, 2013.

My First Polyvore Set

Untitled #1

Mela Loves London white lace dress, $40 / Laced flat / Wet Seal crossbody shoulder bag / Mulberry brown bracelet


I always saw everyone creating sets on Polyvore and I kept saying to myself that I needed to try it. Well, I finally did! First set I just did a basic, comfy summer outfit. I don’t know why the shoe’s color faded a little. It must be because of the transparency tool I guess…

Bloglovin’ & An Apology

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I’m sorry to whoever reads my blog for a lack of updates. I haven’t neglected my blog completely but I haven’t been sticking to the schedule I wanted to maintain. I have a bunch of drafts waiting to be published and they will be. I’ve been working on a couple of new projects so wait for those too.

So my anonymous readers, thank you. Everyone, please follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep updated. (Remember, Google Reader is gonna be gone starting Monday. You can import all your feeds onto Bloglovin’.) Leave a comment or something!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer =]

Speak Up Against Forest Destruction

Tell big banks to stop financing forest destruction!

Did you know that Wilmar International produces nearly half of the world’s palm oil? Why might you care about that? Because the fastest-growing cause of deforestation across the tropics is due to the rise in palm oil plantations. (Remember in elementary, you should have learned that plants and trees were vital to life on Earth?!?) According to Newsweek magazine, Wilmar International is the world’s least sustainable company. Some of the companies supporting Wilmar are Bank of America, Citigroup, and Charles Schwab. That’s only three amongst the United State’s largest banks, pension funds, and asset managers. (Our money helps them make money, so we are somewhat responsible.)

What has happened so far? Wilmar has destroyed forests and devastated the habitat of proboscis monkeys, Irrawaddy dolphins, green turtles and orangutans. Over 9,000 acres of native forest were destroyed in Uganda, displacing small farmers and polluted Lake Victoria. In Nigeria, thousands of acres of land were bulldozed, protected forest was cut, and the company also stands accused of human rights violations, fraud, landgrabbing, cultural destruction and threatening the survival of indigenous people.

So what can you do? Support naturally packaged products and speak up against the company. The easiest way is to take less than a minute of your time and fill this out. You can also contact the companies themselves and local lawmakers to let them know what’s important to you. We only have one Earth, we need to take care of it. Not only for ourselves but our future families.



In 2012 the nightly news on channels ABC, CBS, and NBC only covered devoted only TWELVE segments to talk about climate change… TWELVE! People need to be more aware about climate change because it will affect their future, your future, and the future of every person on this planet. Global Solutions has started the campaign #CoverClimate to help spread the word to the news channels. If a person starts talking on social media, another takes notice, the news takes notice, and the country takes notice. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES and CAN happen.

The next negotiations on climate change will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 so it’s important to start talking now to make sure we can make a positive impact in the future.

The news and all television programs are controlled by their ratings and ad revenue. Unless a crisis occurs, it doesn’t pay to publicize information about the changing climate. Right now the popular stories are crisis and somehow viral videos? Like I don’t see enough of the on Facebook… SO it’s OUR responsibility to let these news stations know what WE want to see. Not what they want us to see.

So join the campaign here. Make sure to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email, any way that you can!

Cheerios Gettin’ Hated On

Cheerios Biracial Meme

Have you seen the new Cheerios commercial? I was appalled to hear that Cheerios is receiving hate mail and people want this commercial banned. Shouldn’t this be evidence to the country that racism still exists and is still a problem today?! Watch the commercial:

At first, I was taken back a little because a biracial isn’t the norm on TV. Should it be the norm? YES! I am happy that Cheerios made this commercial and I would help fight their argument. All different types of families exist! One person’s definition of picture perfect sure as hell isn’t another person’s. I am Hispanic, I wouldn’t consider myself biracial because our country’s definition of race seems to be based solely on the color of your skin. (A whole different topic for another day!) My father is white with yellowish undertones, my mother is brown with olive undertones. I’m milk white with pink undertones lol. (Don’t ask me how, thank you gene pool.) BUUUT I can identify with this commercial because I’m white with nappy-ish hair. My parents are on different sides of the skin-color scale. There are families who have an even wider difference in the skin-color spectrum. There are families with different color step-parents. There are families with same-sex parents. IT EXISTS! So why do so many people continue to deny that it exists and it’s ok. IT IS OK. A person’s skin color should NOT bother you, their personality could, but not skin. I applaud Cheerios for supporting a different type of family and shedding some light to modern issues. (The family isn’t the issue but shedding some light on the fact that racism still exists.) If you support Cheerios, I think you should let them know. It’s always good to speak your mind and we might as well exercise the right to freedom of speech while it still exists!

(Isn’t the commercial the cutest too? It warmed my heart. And brownies points to Cheerios for writing back to my email! I love when companies don’t ignore their customers.)

So what are your opinions?